Thursday, 31 January 2013

Eddie Guerrero v Big Show (No Mercy, 10/19/03)

These two match up REAL well. This isn't as good as their awesome TV match from April 2004 (which is legit one of my favourite matches of all time, and pretty much a perfect Little Guy v Monster match), but it's on the level of the better matches Show had with Daniel Bryan (although the very best of that series is better than this). Couple days before this Show had fucking obliterated Eddie by powerbombing and chokeslamming him on his own low-rider and Eddie comes out with his back all patched up from being cut to shreds by his windshield. Bulk of the match is Eddie trying to cut Show down while Show just tosses him around, and before long Eddie's using all his little tricks to try and pull out the win. Couple great moments like Show doing his big overhand chops, but instead of chopping the chest he turns him round and slaps the cuts on Eddie's back (which had to hurt like a total bastard). At one point Eddie even hits a frog splash to a standing Big Show, which was like something straight out a Smackdown! game. Eddie's always trying to punch or kick at Show's knees, but it never works long enough to make a difference so he soon busts out the knucks and starts cheating like he's Eddie Guerrero. Ref' winds up getting laid out a couple times as well, which is a set up for Eddie being able to run riot with the belt. Post-match is where the split between Eddie and Chavo starts, and really, Eddie was so over at this point that keeping him in a tag team would've been wasting him, anyway. I have no idea if they took the US title off him here because they were intending on putting the big belt on him as soon (well...relatively) as they did, but I get the sense they were always planning to put it on him at some point. I now have the urge to re-watch every single thing Eddie did in his WWE run. Again.