Thursday, 4 November 2010

Eddie, Rude, Dutchman! Short and Sweet

Took a break from Memphis and basically picked out a couple random discs from the trillion that I have sitting around here. I was gonna watch the Bryan Danielson/Tyler Black v American Wolves match from last year that got a ton of praise from some folks since I've been putting it off for ages now, but my disc kept jumping and I had to download it again and now I've lost the motivation I had (it's FIFTY minutes of Tyler Black, man. Takes something to get me geared up for that). So yeah, there was supposed to be more to this, but shit happens, right? Short and Sweet it is.

Eddy Guerrero v Dean Malenko (WCW Nitro, 1/13/97)

Eddy's the US Champion here and is such a big deal that Schiavone and Zbyszko wait about 5 minutes before acknowledging that he and Malenko are actually having a match. Or that they're on the screen or alive or whatever. Hogan and The Giant are scheduled to have a match later in the hour at the WCW executive committee's command or something and it's a historic night in the history of our sport. Match itself is just a little over ten minutes, and as a result they don't try and emulate their ECW matches, which I was thankful for. I don't really like Malenko much at all anymore, and even as a humongous Eddie fan I can't be bothered watching these two match up, but I found this to be okay. There's far less mirror sequences and "learned psychology" spots than in any of the ECW matches -- it's more like a Nitro style match with some of their favourite sequences thrown in. And of course there's a spot where they trade roll-up nearfalls. Wouldn't be Malenko v Guerrero without that thrown in there, would it? Syxx shows up with a ladder at some point and Eddie gets distracted even though Syxx nor the ladder are anywhere near him, and Malenko powerbombs him for the win. That's your US Champ, folks.

Rick Rude v Dutch Mantel (Florida, 1/30/85)

This is only about 5 minutes long, but I'm a big Dutch fan and an even bigger Rude fan, so I was interested in seeing what they would bring, piss break or not. Dutch is wearing red tights and suspenders here, and I'm pretty sure it's the only time I haven't seen him in his usual Memphis singlet. This is all really simple stuff, nothing that anybody needs to go out of their way to see, but it's solid and perfectly acceptable for a short studio match. Does Rude have the best pro-wrestling moustache ever?

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