Wednesday, 23 March 2011

1992 WCW - The Year Of The King! Of CABLE!

Vader v Sting (Starrcade, 12/28/92)

Did WCW ever bring back the King of Cable thing? This is the only time I remember seeing or hearing about it. They probably could've turned it into some kind of big-ish deal with the huge trophy and a bunch of certificates and McDonalds vouchers, kind of like all the bells and whistles that comes with the Triple Crown. This is an all-time great match-up, and this was a fucking great match. I especially like how it's laid out. Vader just tosses Sting around to begin with and laughs when Sting throws some punches, and Jesse has this great line about how in football this would be the time where you punt. You're third and long on your own 20 and Clay Matthews is RIGHT THERE looking like the Predator and shit. Punt that bitch and try something else next time around. When Sting eventually gets something going, it's with the same run of offence that got him the advantage in the Bash match earlier in the year. He really comes out of nowhere with this awesome looking koppo kick and then plants Vader with a big German suplex, and Vader is forced to actually take a powder. Of course Sting sees this and goes for the kill, but Vader dodges a cross body (or maybe it was a Stinger Splash) and Sting crushes his throat on the railing. And now he's fuckin' dead and Vader is gonna eat him. Big Leon really beats the shit out of him here. He'll slow it down and crank Sting's neck and it'll look real nasty, or he'll hook a chinlock and put his entire body weight on Sting's neck, but it's at its surliest when he's straight punching him dead in the face. Doesn't even need to be said that Vader has some mean punches, but man is he just PLASTERING Sting in this. He keeps swinging for the fences and Sting does this awesome sell where he'll try and cover up and block, but there's only so much protection you can get against Vader and there's a few amazing desperation moments where he hits the deck and just refuses to stay down, struggling back to his feet, stumbling around as Vader keeps blasting him. Feels like a combination of Ali/Foreman (which Jimbo references on commentary) with Vader punching himself out, and Tyson/Berbick with Sting getting dropped and willing himself to get back to his feet all spaghetti legged (difference here is that Sting actually succeeds). It gets to the point where Vader's blows are landing with 30% force, and that's when Sting knows he's weathered the storm. Final few minutes are all about whether Sting's will or Vader's girth will win out. It's your classic monster v underdog climax, and a fitting end to a Hell of a match. "IT'S TAHM FO WAWR!"

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