Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tweakers, Kings and LUMPIES!

More stuff from the latest Schneider Comp.

Jerry Lawler v Tommy Rich (Georgia, 10/2/88)

So this is the match where Rich comes out to the ring with his new manager/second called Mr. Donnie. There was a thread on PWO a while back about the scummiest looking wrestlers in pro-wrestling history. Mr. Donnie wins. Just the seediest, scummiest looking bastard I think I've ever seen in wrestling. He genuinely looks like a biker crack dealer that's zonked on his own product. He basically sits at ringside and does nothing until the last minute of the match, but his presence is enough to make you worry about Lawler's safety. The guy must weight 90 pounds soaking wet, and he doesn't really look threatening in the Haku/Mark Henry pro-wrestling sense, but there's no question he'd jump you and bite your nose off. Actual match is pretty damn great. They work a slow burner early with both guys sneaking in punches when they can. Lawler throws a few absolute corkers during the first few exchanges, including one that looked like it broke Tommy's jaw. Tommy eventually takes over and works the hidden object/choking shtick, and this was some cool hidden object/choking shtick. Great spot where Rich hits one big bulldog and then tries for another, but the second time Lawler throws him off and Rich goes flying into the cameraman standing in the corner. Completely wipes him out and almost destroys the camera. Lawler's comeback is one of the best "drop the strap" spots I think I've ever seen. Tommy tries to punch him on the floor, but Lawler ducks it and Tommy cracks the ring post. He walks away clutching his hand, so Lawler drops the strap and runs all the way around the ring to spin him around and fucking paste him with an AWESOME right hand. Lawler rolls out a big string of offence down the stretch, but Rich is always too close to the ropes and keeps managing to escape. Lawler goes to put him away with the diving fist drop, but Tommy moves and pulls a chain (or something...his back was to the camera so it was hard to tell) out of his trunks. He pops him with it and makes the cover, and as Lawler puts his foot on the bottom rope Mr. Donnie jumps up and pushes it off. So Tommy Rich just won the world title thanks to his meth dealer...and it almost starts a riot. Seriously, the crowd surround the ring and cops are trying to push them back while the promoter gets in there and Rich just starts swinging punches at everyone. It was like a lucha crowd after a title or apuestas match, except they're not throwing money in the ring; instead, they're ready to tear the place up if this shit doesn't get sorted. This ruled. Rich feels like a guy that deserves a career retrospective done on him yesterday.

Takashi Ishikawa v Ashura Hara (WAR, 7/14/92)

This was from the WAR debut show, and it's as surly and lumpy as you'd expect. I wrote about their '93 match on here a while back -- that match was fucking great, and this feels like it's right at the same level. So many meaty hits and parts where two tubby ex-sumo guys thump the shit out of each other. They sort of blow a spot where it looks like Ishikawa is supposed to duck a lariat and dump Hara out the ring, but Ishikawa recovers by just fucking MOWING Hara down with his own lariat and knocking him out to the floor the hard way. Hara practically lands on his head. It was the WAR way. Final few minutes are so great. Ishikawa is stomping and punting Hara in the spine and kidneys, and Hara is having trouble even standing up. He hits a suplex and it takes more out of himself than Ishikawa. Ishikawa gets up first and kicks field goals. Eventually the ref' throws it out, but Ishikawa deals more damage post-match and takes a swing at whoever tries to stop him. I love WAR. There was one goofy bit where Ishikawa no-sold a superplex, but other than that this was exactly what I wanted out of an Ishikawa/Hara match. The wrestle and the romance, motherfucker.

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