Thursday, 10 May 2012

Raw Rey'll Give it to Ya, With no Trivia. Raw Like Cocaine Straight From Bolivia

Rey Mysterio v Jamie Noble (Velocity, 5/1/04)

Probably the best match Gibson had in his WWE run, and I get the sense it'd be right up there with most of his ROH run as well (haven't seen most of that in about 6 years, though). The early exchanges on the mat look real slick and tight -- the roll-throughs and counters aren't necessarily something straight out of RINGS, but it's nifty stuff. Eventually Noble takes over with something out of a William Regal playbook and goes after the arm, and I dig how he comes off as a rugged little asshole all the way through this. He stretches Rey with some nasty looking shit and really HURLS him arm-first into turnbuckles; there's one bit where it looked like Rey's shoulder got torn right out the socket. Final stretch run is awesome, with a few spots I honestly don't remember seeing in any other WWE match in history. The cross armbreaker counter to a springboard was great (Noble constantly going back to the arm was a cool touch in general), but Noble hitting a northern lights suplex as Rey tries to do an apron sunset flip might've been even better. Also feel like I need to bring up Rey just losing it and trying to cave Noble's chest in with kicks while his bum arm dangles by his waist. Because yeah, that fucking ruled. Hell of a match. Velocity's a show I never really followed at the time, but there's been a bunch of super fun shit that's come out of it. Might have to start a Velocity project. In ten years.

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