Sunday, 19 August 2012

Buddy Rose Month (what's left of it, anyway)!

Buddy Rose & Chris Colt v Matt Borne & Iceman King Parsons (Portland, 1/12/80)

Well fuck me if Chris Colt isn't the scummiest looking motherfucker you've ever seen. He looks like a serial rapist that tattoos his victims' names onto his body. He's also wearing the greatest patchwork tights. The GREATEST. I don't think I'd ever seen a Chris Colt match before this, but he and Buddy made a pretty fucking bossy team. Buddy Rose might be the best begging off stooge in pro-wrestling history, so when you're in a tag team with him and your begging off and stooging shtick doesn't look second rate in comparison, you're totally doing something right. They both work begging off spots in really cool ways here, sort of as distraction spots. Borne will get fired up and Colt will get on his knees and put his hands behind his back because he wants a truce, and you can't very well hit an unarmed man. Borne doesn't really buy it, but he pumps his fists and looks to the crowd like he's waiting for them to tell him he definitely should punch that scumbag in the nose. While he's doing that Rose will sneak in from behind and cheapshot him. When they isolate Borne and work him over, they roll out a few cut-off spots based around stuff like that, too. It was pretty cool and I dug it and stuff. Iceman doesn't have the ridiculous hair yet, but he's still shuckin' and jivin' and has a head made of granite. He headbutts Rose right in the ear at one point and Rose sells it like he's Buddy Rose. Finish looked a bit flubbed, but this was a super nifty match. How contentious a statement would "Portland was the best week-to-week wrestling on TV in the early 80s" be? Because Portland was putting on some fucking badass week-to-week wrestling in the early 80s (and even before that).

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