Friday, 5 April 2013

More AWA

Rick Martel v Terry Gordy (August '85)

Ok, cards on the table, I must not have been paying a whole lot of attention during the intros, because I don't remember hearing that this was a TV time limit. Maybe if I did hear that then before long I'd have guessed they were working towards a 15 minute draw...but I didn't. With the benefit of hindsight I can see why people figured they were working to the time limit, but when it finished my first thought was that this was a great first 15 minutes of what would've been an awesome 20-25 minute match. Gordy is maybe on the back foot for a bit too much of it considering he's Terry fucking Gordy and just, like, punch him in the face already, but Martel's a guy that's great at varying and working holds while he's in control. Gordy eventually takes over with a big sidewalk slam, and he goes back to that three times as a way to cut Martel off. When he tries it the fourth time Martel flips all the way around and out of it, and from there he starts to make his comeback. Final minute or so is really heated, and I wish we got to see a no-time limit version of this, because it looks like a hell of a match-up. I dug this a lot.

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