Sunday, 6 November 2016

Puerto Rico (What Else?)

Invader I v Super Black Ninja (Cage Match) (2/6/88)

This is one of those matches where Invader, even in the mask, bleeds and sells the blood loss like he is who he is, but you still wish he was mask-less so you get the facial expressions to go with the body language and punch-drunk stumbling around. Muta controls most of this and Invader gets his ass beat, but every time it looks like Muta might escape Invader grabs a leg to prevent it. When you think it's just a matter of time, Invader produces the almighty equaliser and punts Muta in the balls. Muta blades and about two seconds later his face is entirely red. Sick, sick blade job. He also gets crotched up top and that looked fucking nasty as well. Cool finish, too.

Bruiser Brody v Dory Funk Jr. (2/27/88)

Is Brody heel at this point or is throwing chairs at kids a babyface thing in Puerto Rico? I don't like either of these guys, but strangely enough my favourite singles match from both is probably against each other. And hey, I thought this had some good stuff! Dory channels his brother and throws a chair in the ring, so Brody grabs it and smashes it to pieces on the ring post. In an awesome touch, Dory takes a piece of the broken chair, hides it in the trunks and uses it to jab Brody in the head the first chance he gets. He then drags him outside and chucks him into the crowd and starts hitting him with another chair, and I'm not used to Dory getting wild like that. Eventually Brody comes back and fucking wellies Dory in the head with a revenge chair shot...but then it settles down a bit and they work a pretty mediocre brawl. Nobody bled buckets, no riots were nearly started. It was short, though. I actually thought the first half of this was shockingly fun and the second half was passable enough, and it's not like it stuck around forever. I think I feel comfortable saying these two are an okay match-up for each other. Minus that absolute stinker they had in All Japan. We'll forget that one ever happened.

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