Sunday, 6 August 2017

Complete & Accurate Fighting Network RINGS

RINGS. The shoot style promotion that brought Volk Han to the attention of pro wrestling nerds the world over. The shoot style promotion that was home to peak Kiyoshi Tamura, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, Yoshihisa Yamamoto and a bunch of Russian grapplers nobody had ever heard of. Akira Maeda's baby, his splinter group from the original UWF. It's one of my favourite promotions of the 90s and at its best there are few things in wrestling I'd rather watch.

It'll probably take me around a decade, but the goal is to go through everything (now that it's readily available to me), at least up until they switched to full MMA around the end of 1999. So that's like 90 shows. So a decade might be underselling the scope of such a project, knowing me like I know me. But we'll give it a try nonetheless!

I won't bother categorising it into EPIC, GREAT, GOOD and so on since I'm taking this show by show rather than match by match. I'm not really sure how I'll lay it out, actually. It's a work in progress. Fuck it.

Anyway, all of the RINGS!

RINGS Astral Step: Spirit U (5/11/91)
RINGS Astral Step 2nd: Aqua Heat (8/1/91)
RINGS Astral Step 3rd: Kamui (9/14/91)
RINGS Astral Step: Final (12/7/91)

RINGS Mega Battle: Kaiten (1/25/92)
RINGS Mega Battle 2: Ibuki (3/5/92)
RINGS Mega Battle 3: Ikazuchi (4/3/92)
RINGS Mega Battle 4: Kohrin (5/16/92)
RINGS Mega Battle 5: Shi Shi Ku (6/25/92)
RINGS Mega Battle 6: Hayate (7/16/92)
RINGS Mega Battle Special: Ishizue (8/21/92)
RINGS Mega Battle Tournament 1992: First Round (10/29/92)
RINGS Mega Battle Tournament 1992: Second Round (11/13/92)
RINGS Mega Battle Tournament 1992: Semi-Finals (12/19/92)

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