Monday, 2 April 2018

2018 Day 8

Negro Casas v Aramis (Lucha Memes, 3/11/18)

On one hand this didn't totally connect with me like I wanted. But then on the other hand it was still a pretty awesome balls out sprint. If nothing else it's yet another notch on the belt that is Negro Casas' case as the best wrestler to ever do it. Sub-10 minute sprints aren't necessarily what I'd think of if someone asked me what Casas was great at, purely because I can't think of many matches like that he's actually been a part of. Lucha Memes is nothing if not a little different, though. Casas came into this off the end of a broken rib and his selling was pretty exceptional all the way through. He'd drop to a knee in between bouts of rapid matwork or rope running, maybe because he hadn't quite convalesced like he thought, maybe because he's almost sixty and sixty year olds need a breather now and then. Aramis is a fun young flier and he wasn't about to go easy on a legend. His challenging of Casas to strike battles maybe bordered on hubris, but it led to a great moment where he took his shirt off mid-chop exchange because he is a man and pain is temporary or whatever, so Casas made to take his trunks off because I guess this is a thing the young folk do these days. Aramis almost topeing himself through the awning support post was outrageous, but of course the people were quick to check on Casas first and foremost, even to the point where it got a laugh out of Casas. I'd be all for Casas doing more of this sort of thing, provided his body held up to it.

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