Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Jake 'The Snake' Wrestles Like a Scumbag and I Dig it

Jake Roberts v Dirty White Boy (Smokey Mountain Wrestling, 5/7/94)

Roberts looks like a pure scum. That's right, a pure scum. I've actually been keeping up to date with 2010 wrestling pretty well this year, and a big part of that is because IWRG is having one HELL of an indy run. One of the best feuds they've ran is the Gringos Locos v Black Terry and co. feud, largely because the Gringos are PURE SCUM. Look like scum, fight like scum, live like scum. Scum. The other reason is that Black Terry and co. will brawl like motherfuckers and it's all just really great and you should watch it. DWB isn't as good at punching people in the face and fighting like a wild animal as Black Terry or even Cerebro is, but Roberts definitely manages to reach a lofty level of scumbaggery that I sort of marvel at these days. Slimy cheapshotting fucks are number one and the best. One can also make the comparison to the 12/85 Lawler/Dundee Loser Leaves Town match, since White Boy's patched up eye is clearly the main focus of this. Roberts, as much as I like him, isn't Dundee, and White Boy sure as shit ain't Lawler, so it's not as good as that, but there's a lot of similarities, like Roberts toying with DWB by ducking in and out of his line of vision, punching him in the eye, mocking him because he's half blind, etc. So I guess this is like a hybrid of a Terry-Cerebro/Grinos Locos Super Libre match and the Lawler/Dundee Loser Leaves Town match. Which isn't exactly a bad thing. Finish is also pretty nifty, and Jake pretending to smoke a post-coital cigarette after planting DWB with a DDT was a really scummy cherry on an all around scummy performance... cake... whatever.

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