Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I Asked the Captain What His Name Was and How Come he Didn't Drive a Truck. He Said His Name Was Finlay...I Just Said Good Luck

Finlay v Drew McIntyre (Dusseldorf, Germany, 11/7/09)

Well this was a blast. Gets plenty of time, has a super hot crowd, Fit Finlay, and a guy that's willing to throw down with Fit Finlay -- hidden gem stuff like this (thanks to the Segund Caida crew for turning it up) is why I started this project in the first place. Starts out with both guys interacting with the crowd; Finlay high-fiving people around ringside, Drew getting in their faces, and it's awesome to see a crowd just totally eat it all up. I don't remember a whole lot of Drew Mac pimping around this time, but he looked as good here as he would against Matt Hardy and Christian midway through last year. He hits everything with force and has some nice cutoffs, the best of which being a nasty looking big boot that knocks Finlay off the apron. He bumps around and eats all of Finlay's stuff well in return, and there's a great spot where he gets heaved over the top rope (dude gets massive air on it). I kind of stopped following WWE after Wrestlemania 24, only really watching stuff here and there, so I've more or less missed all of the Finlay face run from the last few years. He looked real good here though, laying in the shots like he's Fit Finlay, busting out his ring apron counter to a baseball slide, and at one point he just grabs hold of Drew's trapezius while stomping his calf to bring him down to one knee, which was a totally awesome Finlay thing to do. I'm not expecting to watch a ton of babyface Finlay and be blown away by it like I was 2006 heel Finlay, but that run's still a blind spot for me and I'm hoping there are some more nice gems to be turned up.

Finlay Project

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