Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tenryu & Anjoh Lie in Wait. They Hunt Their Prey

Genichiro Tenryu & Yoji Anjoh v Taiyo Kea & Johnny(???) Smith (All Japan, 7/14/01) - FUN

Alright, cards on the table, I don't know who this Smith fella is. Couldn't tell you why I thought his first name was Johnny. Don't know what his first name really is though, so for now he's called Johnny. Anybody knows his actual name, give me a shout or something. Anyways, I've said before that Tenryu v Anjoh is basically a dream match for me, and well, Tenryu tagging with Anjoh is basically a dream tag team. The possibilities for sheer dickheaded behaviour are endless. This is JIP about halfway in, and that kind of annoys me like most clipped wrestling does, but we come in right at the point where the ref' decides he's had enough of Anjoh punching Johnny (or whoever) in the face. Anjoh makes great Anjoh pouty faces because he's being told off, so he tags in Tenryu. And OF COURSE the first thing Tenryu does upon entry is punch Smith in the face. Crowd actually start booing Wada for getting on Tenryu's case. Tenryu actually punches Smith in the face a whole lot in this, and every punch looks spectacular. Smith going "fuck it" and punching him right back is my favourite Johnny (maybe) Smith moment. Smith starts to reel off a decent string of offence and nearfalls and the crowd are way behind him by the end. Shit, they even boo Tenryu for breaking up a pinfall! Anjoh winning with a not particularly forceful Alabama Slam was a bit out of nowhere, but otherwise this was fun stuff.

Complete & Accurate Tenryu

Complete & Accurate Anjoh

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