Tuesday, 3 November 2015

NWA Classics 24/7 #4

Butch Reed v Magnum TA (Houston Wrestling, 8/31/84)

Man, I love how Ernie Ladd has settled into the role of Butch Reed's makeshift agent, with his pristine polo and slacks like the business of winning the North American title is to be conducted before setting off to the country club. He played hardball on Sonny King being guest ref', and like all good agents he eventually got the deal that was best for his client. He maybe could've told Reed the 'B' and 'U' were missing from his 'BUTCH REED' trunks, though. I liked this, but it probably could've done with a few minutes trimmed off. The early parts with Magnum controlling are fine; he has nice armdrags (lost count of the number of times the commentator said 'beautiful' in this match. Beautiful armdrag, beautiful dropkick, beautiful hip toss. Everything was beautiful) and it's solid babyface control stuff. Then Reed takes over with an aaaawesome high knee and he really busts out the offence for a few minutes, including a great looking suplex from the apron back in ('beautiful suplex'). I love Reed to death and he's one of my three favourite wrestlers ever, but I think a fair criticism of him is that he sometimes got a wee bit chinlock happy. And he got a wee bit chinlock happy here. Crowd absolutely lose it for Magnum's comeback, but man did he love the hip toss in this match (they were beautiful hip tosses, though). You think, "okay, here comes the big belly to belly" and then...another hip toss. Match kind of got a bit ragged at the end as well, but overall I dug this well enough and I will never complain about new Butch Reed in Mid-South footage.

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