Sunday, 8 November 2015

NWA Classics 24/7 #7

Butch Reed & Jim Neidhart v Mr. Wrestling II & Steve Williams (Houston Wrestling, 12/16/83)

Man, Williams is chunky as hell here. I never realised just how much he leaned out over the following few years. First eight or so minutes of this are total heel in peril and I loved it. Williams has been wrestling about a year at this point and is pretty much all football tackles and three point stances, but the spots built around football tackles and three point stances are fun and it means we get Butch Reed taking headstand bumps off of shoulder blocks. We also get Mr. Wrestling II kneelift spots which means more Butch Reed headstand bumps. There's a great bit where Reed sends II into the ropes and drops to the mat, so II jumps over him and pops Neidhart on the apron, then turns around and kneelifts Reed as he's getting back up to his feet (and Reed bumps out to the floor. Reed's bumping was number one in this). The word I would use to describe II here is scrappy. He's scrappy in the way he uses the headlock to frustrate Reed, really grinding it and doggedly holding on when Reed tries to toss him away (Reed literally picks him up and tries to throw him away a few times). He's scrappy in how he fights off Neidhart despite being old and saggy while Neidhart his just a big slab of mean, raw meat. He's scrappy as a face in peril fighting from the bottom. Mr. Wrestling II is scrappy in this professional wrestling match. I like Reed's idea of taking a cheapshot being to straight up punch a guy in the back of the head, but it probably needed to look even nastier for it to plausibly drop a dude like Williams for the finish. Still, this was a blast and hopefully there's a Reed/Wrestling II singles match out there somewhere. There's no way that wouldn't be great. 

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