Thursday, 28 January 2016

LA Park v El Mesias (AAA, 12/5/10)

I've seen this before, but I remembered nothing about it other than the blood. Well, it's tremendous (and oh my days the blood). Park was incredible. He assaults Mesias straight off the bat and it's pretty much glorious. There's a vocal group of female Mesias fans in the front row so Park drags Mesias over there and kicks the shit out of him right in front of them. He forcibly shoves a portly woman out the way and smashes Mesias with her chair, slams him into the first row on top of that group of women, then follows him in and repeatedly bangs his head off the floor. Some old lady empties a cup over Park's head and I thought he was going to kill her. Mesias' comeback was sort of sudden, but you forget that quick enough when Park gigs himself and hits a 7.5 on the Muta Scale. Mesias throws wild chair shots and Park is staggering around with his mask practically torn completely off bleeding all over the place. Mesias' tope is one of the best I've seen in who knows how long. He fucking bullets himself through the ropes and both guys careen into the safety boards, and Mesias comes up with his right arm absolutely covered in Park's blood. Finishing run might've gone on a wee bit too long, but they had the drama way up there and the roll-up off Park's tombstone was an amazing nearfall. I prefer the 2011 apuestas (that might be my MOTD), but isn't far off. Both might be top 5 in AAA history.

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