Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wagner v Solitario (80s Lucha Set)

Dr. Wagner v El Solitario (12/1/85)

This might be the only match I've ever seen featuring either of these two. I knew Solitario was a big star in Mexico and died under pretty tragic circumstances, but I couldn't have told you a single thing about him as a worker. He certainly had the adoration of the kids in the crowd, though, the way they swarmed both him and second-for-the-night Lizmark before the bell. Based on the pre-match pageantry I assumed this was either a title or apuestas match. First caida and a half felt more like it was a title that was on the line than masks, though there was some unfortunate clipping that was a little jarring. There was one spot involving the ref' that got me thinking about the kinds of ridiculous outcomes it would've led to in Monterrey, only to read OJ's lucha history thread and learn that this actually took place IN Monterrey! Which I think makes it the only match from Monterrey I've ever seen that didn't have some idiotic schmozz involving the referee. Midway through the second caida Wagner goes total fucking apeshit and tries to murder Solitario with a chair, so there you go, it is in fact the masks that are on the line and not a title. There's more clipping in the back half of the match as well, but it's not quite as jarring, even if I think we do miss a Solitario dive (we get what appears to be the set up for it). Thought Wagner looked great down the stretch with his exhaustion selling, the way he'd half slip on a blood stain on the mat and resort to recklessly choking Solitario with Solitario's own half ripped mask. I wish there was more footage of these guys out there.

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