Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Brothers Guerrero Hit the Indies!

Eddie & Hector Guerrero v Black Angel & Super Ninja (PWF, 5/22/98)

How about this for random? I'd never once heard of PWF before (I mean, I assume), nor do I know why Eddie and Hector Guerrero happened to be working the tag title semi-main event on one of their shows in 1998. But really, who cares about the WHY? It's an Eddie Guerrero match I never knew existed! I've seen almost every Eddie match committed to tape (have I ever mentioned that he's my favourite wrestler?), so when something new pops up there's no way I won't get giddy. And he's teaming with Hector, who after the Houston footage has also become one of my favourite wrestlers ever! It's been a good day, brothers. Pretty sure I've never seen Black Angel or Super Ninja before. Black Angel does lots of "raising the roof" gestures. Super Ninja is dressed like a ninja, obviously. Neither struck me as being very good. Angel seemed kind of uncoordinated and Hector struggled to hide the fact he was trying to help him into position for things at certain points. Ninja did karate and most of it looked lousy. I guess indy guys who predominantly threw roundhouse kicks hadn't started wearing kick pads and stiffing the life out of people yet. Low-Ki is unimpressed. But you watch this for the Guerrero dream team, anyways. What a pair of shitheads these guys are. Eddie is like that kid who'd show up down the park and start mouthing off and acting like a wee dick and you'd wish he'd just fuck off so you could go back to playing football. You really wanted to hit him in the face after a little while, but if you did that he'd just go and get his older brother and they'd come back and it'd be a whole thing. No way you'd get back to the football after that. Hector's the older brother. He doesn't seem like he's as much of a weasel as Eddie, but he has that same disingenuous face and you don't really trust him and, you know, Eddie had to learn how to be a shithead from somebody, right? That was basically how this played out. Hector at least started out on the level, but Eddie was in stooge mode right from the go. At one point he gets so excited he slaps Hector in the face and then back pedals when it looks like he might've gotten too big for his boots. Hector's still the big brother here. Later on Eddie scurries into his corner and wraps his arms around Hector for protection, so Hector slaps him back. Pare away all the bullshit and douchebaggery, Eddie's still a Guerrero. And that's not how a Guerrero is supposed to act. All of the cheating and cheapshots ruled, which isn't surprising when it's being done by guys who rule at cheating and cheapshotting. The run to the finish was a bit disjointed and Angel/Ninja kinda struggled to keep up with it, but overall this was a cool discovery and a glimpse at how awesome an Eddie/Hector unit could've been had they gotten a real run together at some point, even as late as 1998.

If anybody's interested, watch the match here.

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