Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday Terry Funk

Terry Funk v Sal Bellomo (WWF, 8/17/85)

Fuck me, how's this for your Terry Funk movie at 11? This may not be a revelation to you, but Sal Bellomo is not very good. It's unfortunate, but not everybody can be an all star. Still, he's fired up here and definitely game to play off Funk's lunacy. He does two mule kick/dropkicks that actually looked great and at one point he does a splash right across both of Funk's kneecaps, which ruled. So fair play to Sal Bellomo, he brought as much to the table as you could reasonably expect. But this is Terry Funk's show. He was downright fucking unbelievable in this. Before the bell he throws his chaps at the ring attendant and takes a kick at him, then spits on him, then climbs over the barricade and picks a fight with someone. He bumps around in 100% Terry Funk fashion and it's a stellar effort at making Bellomo not look like a scrub. At one point he tumbles out the ring and lands on top of Gorilla and Jesse's announce desk and the pop for Gorilla getting in Funk's face (Funk started it, obviously) was amazing. Later on he deliberately chucks Bellomo out the ring back onto the announce desk and starts shouting "PIG!" from inside the ring, either at Bellomo or Gorilla or just everyone in the general vicinity. He was a total wildman and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried. I guess if you want to be critical you could say he maybe gave Bellomo a wee bit too much, but I don't really care. I would rather watch Funk rile people up and get tangled in the ropes and progressively act more and more deranged because he's being shown up by the ham n egger in his god awful singlet than most things in wrestling, so you won't hear me complain when we get it.

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