Sunday, 9 October 2016

They do the Tag Wrestling in Puerto Rico, Too!

Rock 'n' Roll RPM's v The Zambuie Express (3/29/86)

Another fun RPM's southern style tag, though I liked this one more than the Greer/Kent match. This had a better heat segment on Lane as well, primarily because the Zambuies had some killer fat guy offence and Lane bounced around admirably for all of it. There was one weird bit early on where Muhammad kind of stood with Davis in a headlock waiting for something to happen with Akeem and Lane, but for the most part he and Akeem threw their ample weight around and tried to squash folk. Davis hit another couple great looking dropkicks and I bet the pop at the end would've been thunderous. The camera literally shook and people were going ballistic for the RnRs, which took me aback a little because I had no idea they were so over.

The Invaders v Chicky & Ron Starr (3/29/86)

The Invaders have been really good on the set so far, but this is the first chance to see them work a tag together that didn't involve barbed wire and buckets of blood. They're pretty great at it. All of the early babyface control stuff was good, especially the way they'd work the arm and make quick tags, everything looking super smooth and crisp. There's also the running story of Invader I having beef with Chicky Starr and Chicky wanting no part of him. Invader III plays face in peril here. In the awesome match with Embry he was mostly about the big offence, but he was strong fighting from the bottom in this. I don't really have a ton to say about this specifically since I watched it a couple nights ago, but you had a good babyface team against a good heel team and it resulted it a very good tag match. That's about the bare bones of it.

Rock 'n' Roll RPM's v Eric Embry & The Crusher (3/29/86)

This is the final of the tag title tournament the last couple matches were from, and a hell of a final it is. This was reeeeeal good and my favourite tag so far. Eric Embry was fucking excellent yet again -- he's someone I kind of want to do a deep dive on at some point now. He comes into this with a bandaged up head and the badage gets torn off inside about a minute, and the cut the bandage was there to protect is opened up again less than a minute after that. There are a few times later on where that cut comes back to hurt him, like when he hits a headbutt on Davis and sells it like it did as much damage to himself as it did his opponent, which I thought was pretty damn cool. He was also the main recipient of the babyface shine early on and I about lost it when he got fed up and just booted Davis in the nuts (he does it again towards the end and Hugo on commentary assures us that, despite Bobby Jaggers telling us it was a kick to the midsection, it was definitely a boot to the "testicle area"). We get a bit of double FIP action in this as well, and the long heat segment on Davis was really awesome. Crusher is a bit of a stiff and miscues a few things a little, but otherwise he's fine throwing kicks and big knees. Embry doing his thing is enough to cover for him, anyway. I loved him tripping over as he came in to try and prevent the hot tag. I loved him selling exhaustion on the apron. I loved his piledriver. I loved pretty much everything he did in this match. I also loved the finish, and the crowd go absolutely apeshit for it as well. Like, the place is rumbling, the camera shaking, people in the crowd jumping around hugging each other. And then Embry assists his valet post-match in piledriving Wendi Richter after he and Crusher ruin the RnRs' title presentation. Long live Eric Embry.

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