Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hideki Suzuki of the Day #3

Hideki Suzuki & Yoshihisa Uto v Ryuichi Kawakami & Yasafumi Nakanoue (Big Japan, 1/2/17)

Suzuki abusing Nakanoue was just about my favourite thing in wrestling last year so when I saw this I immediately got excited. Where Suzuki hated him in 2016, however, he now...feels nothing. It was a different kind of great, where he just reacted with sheer indifference and a haughty sense of superiority. He couldn't even be bothered locking up with him. Instead, 2017 may be the year where he's decided to hate Kawakami. Suzuki waves Nakanoue away with disinterest and asks for Kawakami, and they proceed to have a nice little struggle on the mat without ever really smacking each other in the face. Suzuki is so awesome at doing the nasty little things, like really twisting on a wrist to force Kawakami to the mat. Then when Naknoue tags back in Suzuki immediately removes himself, above even making eye contact. The back end of this felt like it was more about Uto and Nakanoue than Suzuki and Kawakami, but that's only because the latter pair wound up brawling around the ring and up towards the entrance way. Hopefully a sign of what's to come.

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