Monday, 6 December 2010

3 Midnight Express Matches

Midnight Express v Russian Assassins (Clash of the Champions V, 2/15/89)

Solid enough, but the Russians are pretty content to clubber and bearhug, and it wasn't the best clubbering and bearhugging you're likely to see. Also wanted more switcheroo shtick from them. CHEAT, MOTHERFUCKERS. Lane was also FIP here and, as much as I love Lane, you really want Bobby playing FIP if you're trying to sell shitty offence to the point of not making it look shitty. Or as shitty. Clean finish, at least.

Midnight Express v Brian Pillman & Z-Man (World Championship Wrestling, 8/18/90)

These teams had quite a few matches during 1990 that made TV or PPV. I think I've seen all but one of them over the course of the last couple years, but I'm having a hard time remembering anything specific about any of them other than their 3/10 TV match. And that's because I watched it last month (spoke about it here). I know their Capital Combat match is really good, and I'll probably wind up voting for it, but I'm drawing a blank on *why*. Gonna have to watch it again. Anyways, this was good. Didn't think it was as good as the 3/10 match, and that isn't going on my list, but you seriously can't go wrong with any MX from this year. In fairness, though, this had a clip job in the middle that takes us from the middle of Pillman and Zenk in full control to Pillman being the FIP. Just came out of nowhere and was pretty disappointing. Pillman's always a goof FIP, so that in itself isn't a let down, but I really would've liked to see how they transitioned into it. Run in finish doesn't help my mood any, but if you've seen enough MX from 1990 then you'll know that this is still worth giving up ten minutes for.

Midnight Express v The Steiner Brothers (World Championship Wrestling, 10/13/90)

Best match of the bunch, and one that I might vote for. There's millions of tags that I could end up voting for, though, so take that for what it's worth. Opening period is great with Bobby and Eaton stooging and bumping like kings. Scotty tosses them around like frisbees while Rick stands smiling like a big goof. I love goofy Rick Steiner. There's one spot where Lane is standing half in the ring-half on the apron yelling at fans, so Rick yanks the middle rope up and starts laughing like a big simple lummox because the whiny pretty boy has a sore winky. How is that NOT tha pro-rasslin'? He's also one of the most insane dudes ever when it comes to bumping for clotheslines. Countless times I've seen him spike himself on his own head to make a clothesline look bossy. I've been hard on Rick in the past (he was deplorable in that Steiners/Harts tag), but I love the shit outta goofy, semi-retarded man-child Rick Steiner. Both he and Scott take a short spell playing FIP. Crowd is totally rocking for both segments, especially the hot tag to Rick. Scott's a guy I like well enough as a face in peril, but when he's in there with heel Bobby Eaton you want to see him wrecking shit, and wreck shit he does. Nice finish caps it off and this might actually be my favourite Steiners tag of the year. Need to see all those matches with Doom again. Actually that Nasty Boys tag from Halloween Havoc is awesome...yeah, that one's my favourite. This one's second.

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