Sunday, 5 December 2010

Cactus Jack v Paul Orndorff (WCW Main Event, 1/10/93)

This is a 'come as you are street fight'. Only goes about 10 minutes, if that, but it's stiff and manly and what I am assuming is the start of both Cactus' feuds with Orndorff and Vader, as well as a face turn. Whole match comes about because Harley Race is looking for someone to replace Rick Rude on Vader's team for the Thunderdome cage match at the upcoming Clash of the Champions. He wants to stick two guys in an environment that basically requires reckless violence, and whoever survives is a suitable choice to stomp ass in the cage. And so they stomp ass. About 10 seconds into it Orndorff drills Foley's head into the barricade, then launches him into the steps where Foley takes a ridiculous bump that somehow never broke his leg(s), and from that point on they pretty much beat the shit out of each other. Total Regal/Finlay style brutality where there's no bullshit gimmicked "violence." Fuck your garbage can lids, this is straight up manly as fuck, 'punch me in the face and I'll punch you in the face right back' violence. Race at ringside is right on top of everything, constantly shouting at them to keep fighting, telling them to get up, etc., and Foley eventually loses it when Race goes too far by shoving him back in the ring. He just flies off the ring apron and clotheslines him, and out comes VADER SMASH to wreck shit. Match is essentially over at this point, but the post-match stuff is fucking great. Orndorff piledrives Foley and tries to choke him out with a belt, Vader splashes him a bunch of times, Harley's strutting around berating him, and then when they come back from commercial all three are cutting a promo in the ring. Orndorff's shouting something like a lunatic when Cactus shows up from behind and starts blasting everyone with a giant fuckin' shovel. Jobbers pour out of the locker room to stop him, so Cactus caves their faces in too and then cuts a crazed promo about how they made the mistake of not killing Cactus Jack. Aw shit he's gonna murder a motherfucker. The amount of hellish beatings Foley took that year is ridiculous. Good match, but the angle tacked on is really something else. "Turn the other cheek and I'll break your fuckin' chin" -- The RZA.

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