Sunday, 22 February 2015

Out Here in the Fields, Tenryu Fights for His Meals

Genichiro Tenryu v Naoki Sano (UWFi, 8/17/96) - GREAT

This was ten minutes of Tenryu and Sano so, you know, obviously it was a blast. Starts out civilized with both guys working hold exchanges, and it's always cool to see Tenryu working quick exchanges like that. The things you normally associate with Tenryu are the hate and contempt and smashing people to bits, but he brings some nice stuff any time he's required to work the mat. Naturally that doesn't last, though. You know where it goes. Tenryu will only play by the rules for so long before letting loose, and eventually he eats one too many leg kicks. He obviously responds by punching and kicking Sano in the face. Sano just continues to frustrate him and cracks him under the jaw with a nasty roundhouse kick, then Tenryu REALLY snaps and just obliterates him with brutal knees and punches in the corner. Tenryu even picks a fight with the ref' in the post-match. Tenryu/Takada should be awesome.

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