Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Random WWE Network Day #1

I've basically just been picking out random things and watching them, and that's probably how it'll be for the next while. There's a whole bunch of stuff on this Network that I never knew was on there. 

Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman v  Lex Luger & The Giant (WCW Bash at the Beach, 7/13/97)

Say what you want about the ridiculousness of WCW booking, but they knew how to put together this kind of celebrity spectacle (at least in '97). This was about as good as it possibly could've been. Rodman is pretty much hand led through everything, especially by Hogan and Luger, but he's willing and able and looks like he's having a blast. The bit where he armdrags Luger is amazing, from Luger looking absolutely stunned to Hogan and Savage celebrating to the crowd reaction to Dusty on commentary. "Dennis Rodman just armdragged Lex Luger! And he ain't even take his shades awf!" Then he does a leapfrog and knocks down Luger with a shoulderblock and Dusty is amazing again. "Somebody call the law. Somebody call the law!" Rodman also takes more bumps and eats more offence than I remembered. I mean, this isn't as good as Big Show v Mayweather and Rodman isn't as good in this as Mayweather was in that, but I think Rodman takes the bigger bumps (I might watch Show/Mayweather next, actually). Hogan was a lot of fun as well with his shit talking and obnoxiousness. Any time Rodman does something even remotely impressive Hogan is right there to let everyone know about it. Massively fun spectacle, and definitely one of the better matches of its ilk. 

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