Thursday, 5 February 2015

Random WWE Network Day #2

Shane Helms & Shannon Moore v Jung Dragons v Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias (WCW Starrcade, 12/17/00)

The difference between WCW and WWF at this point is pretty startling. Even when WCW were on top the WWF always had the production values and such, but by this point it's like...well, they're not TNA level, but the war is well and truly over. This show had just over 6,000 people at it, which is almost a third of what Starrcade drew two years earlier. That's a hell of a drop off, y'all. Even the backstage skits seem bush league, from Buff Bagwell as an obnoxious interviewer to Kronik taking a call from a "client" (they're hired guns/assassins or some shit) while in a steam room. I was actually goona watch this whole show, but nah man, life's too short for a Steiner/Sid main event in 2000 (also, did they really just start up Goldberg's streak again at some point? Did I hear that properly?). Anyways, this match is what you think it is -- total spotfest that has no pretense of being anything else. They do some pretty lunatic stuff, especially early on with Kaz Hayashi who almost dies a couple times (although I'm pretty sure they come about from things that are botched). Winner of this gets a Cruiserweight title shot, so it's a triple tag team match that's really just a money in the bank match, and it doesn't take long for everybody to start chucking everybody else off of stuff. Evan Karagias kinda sucks, but he does a crazy neckbreaker off a ladder and then later on takes one of the nuttiest bumps you'll see in a ladder match. Someone shoves him off the top of a ladder, and I think he's supposed to land hotshot-esque across the top rope, but he overshoots it and lands super awkward on the ropes, like his body is practically horizontal, then bounces all the way out to the floor and hits his head off the foot of a table. There's also a hell of a dive train in here somewhere and it was probably better than anything else on the whole show.

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