Saturday, 21 March 2015

Rocca v Talisman (80s Lucha)

Americo Rocca v El Talisman (3/29/85)

This felt kinda by the numbers, but it was definitely solid. First two caidas are short and I wish the matwork in the primera got some more time. I am not one for the indy standoff, but the whole opening few minutes made up one big stalemate exchange, and it did manage to feel like a struggle, so the standoff never came across as being cheesy. Third caida builds nicely and got the crowd rocking with a few big nearfalls, and while Rocca's plancha wasn't the most graceful or impactful dive on the set so far, it did seem desperate. I dug that finish as well, especially with the way Talisman milked it to get the crowd right where he wanted it. Lower half match, but I'm a sucker for lucha title matches and I'm not disappointed this made the set.

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