Friday, 6 March 2015

Virus Bombs Facts, His Sword is an Axe to Split Backs, Invisible Like Dope Fiend Tracks

Virus, Hechicero & Cachorro v Negro Casas, Cavernario & Dragon Lee (CMLL, 5/23/14) - EPIC

Really awesome workrate trios. This had something great happening almost every other second and everybody got to look like world beaters. Virus and Dragon Lee kick things off with a nifty mat exchange, but before long that gets dropped in favour of everyone running through a ton of awesome looking sequences and exchanges. It's not just a spotfest, though, because all of the big bumps and bombs are built to really well and it all felt fairly logical and organic. Hechicero was unreal here. I basically never watched any wrestling at all in the second half of last year, but before that I thought he was a serious best in the world contender from the stuff I did watch. I've said it in the past, but pretty much every Hechicero match I've ever seen has featured him doing something I've never seen in any other match before. It's not some contrived indy horse shit where it's a regular move with a flip or something thrown in before it -- more often than not it looks truly spectacular and genuinely impactful. He hits a fucking crazy powerbomb on Dragon Lee at the end of the primera, then later he does some faceplant thing to Casas that I can't even describe. His spinning hammerlock backbreaker is also one of the coolest spots in wrestling. Really dug Cavernario again here. His big top rope splash to the floor is insane, but it's his bursts of caveman violence that I love. His set-up to the bow and arrow rules, with the way he just jumps on the recipient's calves to get them on their knees. Third caida is about ten minutes of hit after hit with everyone doing something awesome. I think my favourite part of the whole match was Dragon Lee taking a psychopath hiptoss bump from inside the ring to the floor, then Cachorro crushing him against the guardrail with a bullet tope. Felt like Virus and Casas worked points of this in a way that would allow the other four to shine, but they still looked like Virus and Casas. Virus' stocky tope con hilo is such a great dive. Final Hechicero/Lee exchange is really the only one in the whole match that didn't look seamless, but it ended with Hechicero throwing out the low blow and pinning him with the feet on the ropes, so I don't mind.

Complete & Accurate Virus

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