Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Santo v Espanto - The Teaser

El Hijo del Santo & Black Shadow Jr. v Espanto Jr. & Eskeletor (12/1/85)

Main selling point here is Santo/Espanto, which you probably guessed. Santo doesn't hit any glorious topes, but his armdrags and the matwork with Espanto is all swank looking. I mean, you know exactly who it is that you're watching. Eskeletor is...weird. He bumps in goofy sorts of ways. At one point he takes a spinebuster and rolls around holding his head, then he gets up to his feet and stumbles a bit before collapsing holding his head again. It was actually a cool bit of selling, but sometimes he looked like a theater actor imitating pro-wrestling. His costume is definitely phenomenal, though. Black Shadow Jr. I've never seen before (haven't seen Eskeletor either, btw), but he throws a few nice looking punches. It's a shame that this is a bit clipped up, because some of the brawling in between falls looked pretty great. Finish is some shit with a heel ref and then the post-match stuff went on for ages. If nothing else this got me geared for Santo/Espanto, and it was actually pretty fun on the whole.

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