Monday, 4 September 2017

Arkangel de la Muerte v Tigre Blanco (CMLL, 1/23/00)

Public opinion on this seems to be that it's about as by-the-numbers of an undercard title match as you can get. I don't really disagree with that assessment, but I don't mind by-the-numbers as there's a scarcity of lucha title matches in general. It's also an opportunity to see more Arkangel de la Muerte, so I never felt like it was fourteen minutes of my time wasted. First caida didn't have a ton going on, and to be honest I don't remember anything about it now despite watching it only a couple hours ago. It was short, at least. Segunda picks up some and it gave us a few minutes of nice legwork, which I thought Arkangel sold well. It didn't have much of a payoff and was contained within the fall itself, but it was cool while it lasted. Third caida was where they went for broke, though they never had much time to really get the point across. There's only so much drama you can create with four minutes, I guess. Tigre Blanco's tope was gorgeous, though, and those powerbombs never lacked for impact. CMLL was on quite the tear in early 2000, with the Satanico/Tarzan Boy and Villano III/Atlantis feuds in full swing. This was nowhere near the level of that stuff, but it was a neat detour from the piss and blood and guts of what those guys were doing.

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