Friday, 15 September 2017

Back to the 80s Lucha

Rayo De Jalisco Jr. v Mascara Ano 2000 (8/15/86)

I thought this was more interesting than good, but still pretty enjoyable. What they're doing isn't spectacular by any stretch, but it's cool to see a title match between two guys I don't recall ever seeing work a title match. The first caida had some neat enough matwork, although it was more about Rayo whipping 2000 around the ring with armdrags - and a little dancing thrown in for good measure - than them rolling around on the mat. I liked 2000's reactions to Rayo getting the better of him -- you could tell his ego was taking a beating and that aforementioned dancing was adding insult to injury. The tercera wasn't particularly long, but it had a couple nice topes and a big Rayo plancha, and I liked how Rayo wanted no part of the tapatia twice in the same match.

Babe Face, Pirata Morgan & Cien Caras v La Fiera, Lizmark & Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (September 1986)

I'm not sure the date on this is correct. It feels like a lead in to the Babe Face/Fiera hair match from August, what with how they bled and bit each other in the face and whatnot. This was really fun stuff. I've watched a bunch of lead-in trios of late, often setting up apuestas matches where the central pairing go at each other tooth and nail. This wasn't quite as frantic overall as some of those, but the Fiera/Babe Face match up was as gritty and violent as any. Fiera's sell of the blood loss was really awesome, the way he'd stagger around like his body was willing but the tank was nearly empty. He'd unload with the spin kicks and he got his revenge by drawing blood, but Babe Face always seemed to come out on top. Maybe the rudos just worked better as a unit. Honour among thieves and all that -- the kind of code Fiera used to live by himself. The other four guys were very much bit part players, though they each had their moments. Cien Caras was pure hubris and I loved him for it. When things were going his way he reveled in the moment, but whenever the tide turned he wanted nothing to do with anyone on the opposite side, especially Lizmark. Pirata Morgan never took any career-threatening bumps, but he took one doozy to the floor and spat Fiera's blood in the air so he ticked the boxes of what you want in a bit part Pirata Morgan performance. I've been holding off on watching the Fiera/Babe Face apuestas for ages so I'm hyped about it coming up next.

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