Sunday, 3 September 2017

Virus Has Been Commissioned to Deprison the Prism of Your Mind, Spit the Wisdom of The One Divine

Virus v Loco Max (CMLL, 2/7/12) - GOOD

One of the great tragedies in lucha is that we've never gotten that big Virus blood feud. That feud where he's able to strip loose the chains and brawl like his life depended on it. I guess it's looking the gift horse in the mouth to complain about such a thing. It's not like we could be doing with less Virus matwork. Matwork Virus is still the best Virus, but you watch something like this, where he's punching a guy in the chops and brawling around ringside, and it's hard not to conclude that Virus working bloody apuestas bouts wouldn't be awesome. Loco Max was alright, even if I didn't find him very compelling on offence. He's a guy who has an annoying tendency to telegraph kick-outs. When Virus rolled him up in the second fall and he was struggling for dear life I knew it was over, then when he found himself in the same predicament in the tercera and did nothing I knew he wasn't going down then and there. Virus was an awesome little bruiser, though. I loved how he did a triple shot of ramming Max's head into the top, middle and bottom turnbuckle of one corner, but then he went that extra bit further and started bashing his head off the canvas as well. His 'wind up the right arm, pop them with the left' spot is always a favourite, but the part where he just dinged Max in the jaw almost as a desperation shot ruled. You can quibble about the finish being cheap and/or abrupt and I wouldn't really argue with you, but it was a nasty ball shot and it felt suitably desperate. If it led to a wagers match I'd have actively loved it, but I'm willing to bet my house and car and everything in it that it didn't. Such is the lucha libre life, brothers.

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