Thursday, 15 July 2010


Arn Anderson & Steve Austin v Rick & Scott Steiner (WCW Saturday Night, 6/13/92)

Last time I saw this I thought it might have been one of the better "traditional" tags the Steiners were involved in. Definitely don't think that now, but there's enough to like here that I figured I'd still write about it.

Arn's good in this. He's probably the best of the four; either him or Scott. Those two always work well together. Scott's a guy that we've all seen tossing people around with suplexes and throws, and Arn always takes all of that stuff, sells it like death and has facial expressions that make you think they're the sort of wrestling moves that only people in the CIA should know about. "Titlt-a-whirl sidewalk slam?! The FUCK is that?!" Scott's a decent enough FIP in this, too. He takes one of those Windham bumps I mentioned in #10 where he'll launch himself over the top rope with a cross body to nowhere, and Arn gets a few minutes to work the back in typical Arn-like fashion.

Then Austin gets in and he's happy enough to do his own thing with a chinlock and shit. I didn't think Austin was much good in this at all. He was the least of the Dangerous Alliance guys to begin with, but it wasn't as obvious in tags. That's probably selling him short as well, because he seemed to be the kind of guy that could be great with a little direction, so a tag setting fit him perfectly. Here he seems lost at points, though, and the final few minutes are really clusterfuck material, with phantom tags, guys calling audibles, sloppy shit being thrown, etc. He's obviously not to blame for all of that, but the basic point is that he was pretty bad. He does have a couple great interactions with Rick, at least. Great moment where Rick's on his knees and Austin charges at him and Rick just murders him with a Steinerline.

Match goes about 10 minutes and definitely isn't something I'd call bad, but there's way better stuff out there featuring these guys.

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