Thursday, 8 July 2010


Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton v Greg Valentine & Dick Slater (WCW Clash of the Champions XX, 9/2/92)

This is basically a short, intense little fight where two heel teams throw a bunch of great punches and forearms and try to out-violent the other. Like, you'll see Slater drag Arn onto the apron and start wailing away on his leg and then Eaton will sprint around the corner and just RIFLE him right in the face with a hook.

Eaton was probably my favourite guy in this, actually. Seemed more pissed off and surly than even Valentine, just running around waffling dudes with punches and shit. Great moment where Valentine's lying in the ring while the ref' is trying to break up an Anderson/Slater barfight in the corner and Eaton runs in and elbow drops him square in the face. Looked beautifully nasty.

I'd love to see a longer version of this. Four tough motherfuckers committing assault. Five minutes or not, that's definitely my kinda pro-graps.


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