Sunday, 11 July 2010


Arn Anderson v Nikita Koloff (WCW Power Hour, 5/16/92)

This isn't a great match or anything, but it's a good example of Arn working a short match by mostly doing shtick with a guy that's willing to play off it all as the powerhouse. Arn charging at him and Nikita standing still, Arn hitting the deck ass-first with his bug-eyed sell as if he's just tried to shoulderblock a barn door is a decent example. Another would be Arn heading up top and Nikita just standing there winding up his sickle arm, Arn looking like he's just shit his trunks.

Nikita's pretty much your standard powerhouse type wrestler, and I think he does just fine in that role. Plenty of guys had their career years working for WCW in 1992 - Nikita's one of them. As is Arn.

The meat of this (although it only goes about 5 minutes so there isn't a whole lot of "meat" to it) is Nikita working Arn's arm, which means you get Heyman out on the floor repeatedly shouting "LET HIM GO! LET HIM GO!" like a lunatic.

So yeah, there really isn't a ton to say about this (also watched it on Saturday so I've forgotten most of it, anyway), but as far as "Arn doing his thing for five minutes" type matches go, this is a decent, if certainly not the best, example of him doing it working from the bottom.

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