Friday, 30 July 2010


Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko v Ricky Steamboat & Barry Windham (WCW Saturday Night, 2/15/92)

Fuck, some of the cheapshots in THIS. Ross on commentary is going on about how this is more of an excuse for guys to beat on each other than an actual match that's there to be won, and fuck do they seem like two teams that are happy as a pig in shit to beat on the other.

The first thing that happens in the whole match is Arn clocking Windham, who's on the apron minding his own business, with a total dickhead cheapshot. Steamboat's all "Alright, asshole, let's do THAT, then!" and sets about caving Arn's face in, so Zbyszko, who's fresh off sticking the boots to Barry on the floor, gets in and starts wailing away on him with Arn. And then he splits him in half with a fuckin' spinning roundhouse kick to the gut. "THIS is karate, bitch." His whole casual prick demeanour is glorious.

This segues into a short Steamboat in peril section, but I'm pretty sure Windham gets fed up at points and just comes in the ring anyway so he can punch someone in the teeth, and before long it's Larry working heel in peril, which I totally dig. He's all "OOHH" and "OOOF" and I watch this and wish someone these days would be as loud and "OOHH"ish when they're getting whooped as Zbyszko.

Arn tags in and assumes Larry's role for a minute or two, but that isn't cheapshotty enough so Larry decides to ramp it up again by unleashing the BEST fuckin' BEST running fist to the temple cheapshot ever on Windham, who hurls himself over the top rope just because. The camera shot is amazing, because you don't see it coming and then BLAM, Larry cracks him with a big ol' fist and you're leaning on rewind like a motherfucker.

Windham in peril is as good as Windham in peril always is. I had lost track of how many dirty cheapshots had been thrown by this point, but I can only assume Steamboat throws his hands up in disgust and waffles someone at random for the fuck of it. Post-hot tag has more bar fighting and I don't even care that Nick Patrick fucked up the finish because 8 guys eventually wind up in the ring and they're punching each other in the face and it's a blur of fists and faces and YOU know you love it.

I know I did.

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