Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boozehound Watches Something Random #1

So there isn't really any kind of wrestling (style, promotion, era, whatever) that I'm latching onto right now and just kind of want to randomly pick out a disc from the six million I have here and watch something from it. So for the next while I'm gonna do that.

Terry Funk v Tommy Rich (ECW, 2/1/97)

Crowd HATES Rich. HATES him. Seriously, this is as much visceral hatred as I've ever seen from an ECW crowd. He's a heel, acts like a heel, and gets rabid, honest to goodness heel heat for it. He points to some black guy in the crowd and tells him to come down and shine his shoes, then he leans against the ropes and spits a huge gob of phlegm behind him into the crowd. Funk comes out to 'Desperado' and this match is already 6 stars. Crowd start a massive "YOU FAT FUCK" chant at Rich so Tommy runs into the crowd and picks a fight with some skinny dude. Funk runs after him, spins him around and punches him in the head, and Tommy is cut open approximately 15 seconds after the bell rings. Awesome. Match is basically split into two halves. First half is Funk in control, then the second half is Rich in control after he takes over with a great punch flurry. There's really only two actual momentum shifts in the entire match; the first being the transition to Rich on offence, the second being the transition right at the end before the finish. They both throw punches and hit each other with chairs. Whoever is working from the bottom stumbles around and bleeds like a drunk old man starting fights outside Ibrox. When Rich is in control he looks like a genuine psychopath with the face covered in blood and the hair all mussed and the spitting everywhere. Honestly, this was like the absolute best possible version of a crazy old man fight on youtube. Post-match Funk boots Rich in the stones and runs around the ring while 'Desperado' plays again. These guys are the greatest.

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