Saturday, 23 February 2013

Boozehound Watching Something Random #7

Negro Casas v El Hijo del Santo (UWA, 1/5/92)

Man, this fucking rocked. I never even knew it was clipped up, either. I just assumed they went out and had a compact sub-20 minute match, but apparently the whole thing went 45 minutes (I'm assuming the full version doesn't exist, because if it did I imagine Goodhelmet would've comp'd that shit already). Either way, what we get is great. All of the matwork ruled; they got real niggly and you could see both guys getting pissier as things progressed. It all kind of comes to the boil when they start slapping each other across the face, and Casas does this amazing stagger back sell of a slap that lands him on his rump. His whole "okay, we're cool now, can we go back to grappling again?" bit afterwards was Casas being Casas. Of course, when he gets his chance to take a return shot, he takes a fucking return shot. I'm not entirely sure what the actual finish was since we get no sound (double count out, maybe), but fuck me does El Hijo del Santo have a great tope. Both guys crashing into and over the barricade looked pretty damn nasty as well. Santo/Casas might just be the best match-up in wrestling history, and this is another great instalment. If only we had it in full...

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