Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Boozehound Watches Something Random #4

Jeff Jarrett & Jerry Lawler v The Moondogs (Concession Stand Brawl) (USWA, 1/17/92)

Well this was just wild and out of control and awesome and everything you want in a Memphis concession stand brawl. There's plunder constantly being thrown into view from off camera, and everybody is recklessly chucking everything they can pick up, from garbage cans to bottles to brooms to broken vending machines. By the end it looks like a hurricane tore through the building. Lawler hurls a broom like a javelin and it would've nailed Moondog Spot's head to the wall if it was six inches lower. He throws a can of coke straight at Spike's face from about a foot away, tries to drown him in a sink, and then launches a glass at his head from even closer range than the coke can. Spike moves at the last second and the glass shatters everywhere, and it looked like Lawler might've had his hand cut open by a piece of it. And while we're at it, Jarrett ends up with a few nasty looking cuts on his back and shoulder. Moondogs wind up with nasty looking cuts on their forehead, naturally. In amongst all the blood and piss and carnage there's this one bit of Lawler selling where a Moondog cracks him with a punch, and he pulls this amazing cross-eyed face like his molar just got knocked out. I love these kind of out of control bar fights, and this was one of the crazier ones I've seen. Great stuff.

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