Thursday, 14 November 2013

And More 80s Lucha

Sangre Chicana v MS-1 (9/23/83)

Pretty much a masterpiece. I mean, this is what pro-wrestling is all about, right? Two guys that do not like each other putting something of value on the line (in this case, pride via hair) in a seedy, dimly-lit arena and proceeding to kick the living shit out of each other until one of them can physically no longer get up. In the end the ring mat is covered in blood and mucus and it looks like a slaughterhouse floor, and you think, "Did anybody REALLY win that? Was it all worth it?" Then you take one look at Sangre Chicana as MS-1 throws a bald bitchfit and you think, " was worth it." MS-1 jumps Chicana at the start and repeatedly rams his head into the edge of the ring mat, and if you've heard the stories about the canvases in Mexico then you can buy it as him ramming Chicana's head into a brick wall. Chicana is bleeding all over himself after thirty seconds and MS-1 just REVELS in it, like nothing in his life has filled him with this much joy. First caida is 100% MS-1. Chicana gets nothing. Not a thing. Heading into the segunda you're wondering if Chicana is going to be able to mount any sort of comeback whatsoever. Then he ducks a punch and fucking DRILLS MS-1 with a left hand, and the crowd just comes completely unglued. It's probably one of the best transition spots I've ever seen, and it leads directly to Chicana hitting this incredible tope that looks really reckless and desperate, which is exactly how a tope should look when it's being done by a guy that's lost so much blood he can barely stand. MS-1 gets split open from the edge of the ring apron, which is a great payback, and of course he starts bleeding everywhere himself. So by the final fall you've got blood staining everything. Some of the selling in the tercera is truly impeccable. Both guys look like they're on their last legs and having to dig deeper than they've ever had to dig before. Which is how it should be, really. Even something as simple as MS-1 staggering and falling as he tries to walk over to the corner; it's so simple and small, yet it adds so much. MS-1 goes for a double-underhook suplex and can't grip his own hands because they're so slick with blood, so he has to just grab Chicana's tights instead (credit to goodhelmet for spotting that one). He goes for a tope as Chicana is staggering around on the floor like a wino, but as he flies through the ropes Chicana manages to sidestep it and basically chuck him head-first into the front row, which is just about the greatest counter to a tope that you ever did see. There's a bit where Chicana is trying to slap some life into himself and appears to hit himself so hard that he almost knocks himself out again, which is something that would probably come off as a comedy spot in most matches, but in this there's nothing funny about it. And then the finish. I saw literally no give on the mat when MS-1 came off the top, and with the way he lands all awkward I'm wondering how he didn't wind up in a wheelchair (is he in a wheelchair nowadays? Estrada is so I see no reason to believe MS-1 isn't). Everybody should watch this. I get that lucha isn't a style everybody will enjoy, but this at least has elements that everybody can get behind. Even watch it for the performances of both guys. I mean, no match is going to hit the sweet spot with everybody, but I honestly don't remember reading or hearing anything but praise for this. There have been minor criticisms here and there and no match is perfect and all that, but the general sentiment that I've gotten has always been overwhelmingly positive. Maybe this feels fresher because it's a relatively "new" discovery (only really surfaced about eight years ago, I think) in a style of wrestling that not THAT many people talk about (it's basically a sub-genre of a sub-genre of a sub-genre) while your big All Japan matches like 6/9/95 and 6/3/94 have been talked about to death for almost twenty years. Shit, it DOES feel fresher, at least to me personally, which is kind of strange considering I've watched this more times since I first saw it than I have any of the big All Japan matches. But in general I think there's been so much discussion on All Japan over the years that a lot of people are actively looking for something new and fresh. Well, I guess people are always looking for something new and fresh. I'm not even sure what point I'm trying to get across now. Fuck it. Y'all should just watch this match because it's pretty much up there with anything ever and if you like pro-wrestling then you'll find something to like about this pro-wrestling match.

Sangre Chicana, La Fiera & Mocho Cota v MS-1, Satanico & Espectro Jr. (9/30/83)

This fucking ruled as well. MS-1 is pissed after losing his hair so he and his team just mug Chicana and pals before they've even stepped in the ring, and from that point on it pretty much never lets up once. Match is really one gigantic clusterfuck brawl, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. Whole thing is wild and out of control, and a wild and out of control lucha trios match is one of my favourite things in wrestling. Everybody in this was fucking great, but Satanico might've been king of the mountain. He lays into everybody and goes on an absolute tear. The Infernales will isolate someone in the ring as the other two technicos (Chicana's squad are guys I normally think of as rudos as well, but within the context of this feud I guess they're technicos) frantically try and climb in, and Satanico is awesome as this enforcer that will boot them in the face to knock them back down to the floor. The technico comeback really fells like it's earned. A few times it looks like they've got a foothold, but it rarely lasts long and soon enough they're back eating ringposts again. When they do finally take over the crowd realise it, and the reaction is as great as it should be. Of course the return beatdown on the Infernales is everything you want it to be. At one point Fiera rips off Espectro's mask (which is a fucking belter, btw) and walks around with it like he's just scalped him. Chicana and Satanico then take turns punting each other in the dick, and well, if those two weren't already great enough they go and show you how you're supposed to sell getting punted in the dick. Even in the post-match Chicana looks like he's about to puke. This was pretty much a perfect follow up to the apuestas match.

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