Saturday, 16 November 2013

Blue Panther, Shocker & Mascara Dorada v Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla & Felino (CMLL, 2/12/13)

This was pretty much a complete two man show. Shocker and Niebla do literally nothing of note, and I don't actually think I've seen a single post-'99 Shocker match that he's been any good in. This is the first time I've seen Felino since he lost the mask and he looks like a rapist drummer in a hair metal band. He's dressed like something from an Eric Prydz parody video here. Dorada tries to take him over with a sunset flip at one point, so Felino blocks(counters?) it by wiping sweat from his armpit and rubbing it in Dorada's face. Which was different. To be fair, Dorada is really only there for a few moments of flash, and those moments do look really swanky. But fuck all that because this is about Negro Casas and Blue Panther. I'm a scumbag of the highest order and still haven't watched the hair match from last year, but everything they did in that feud was fucking awesome, and their exchanges in this take a page right out of that same book. Casas mugs him in the aisle and Panther ends up half hanging off the ramp while the guy sitting directly underneath has this great "what do I do? Do I help him?" look. At one point Panther is sparked out in the front row like some old geezer just took a stroke in the middle of a crowd of people. Casas also bites Panther multiple times. Panther has an armbar so Casas bites his fingers, then Panther does the corner fasewash bit and Casas starts biting Panther's thigh! Then he spits on him a bunch and it fucking ruled. Seriously, you could stick four other utterly useless guys in there (Shocker and Niebla weren't utterly useless as opposed to just...being...there) and this would still be worthwhile for Casas and Panther.

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