Monday, 25 November 2013

Rush, Thunder & Maximo v Negro Casas, Polvora & Mr. Aguila (CMLL, 6/7/13)

I thought this had a lot of pedestrian brawling between four guys, interspersed with some AMAZING brawling from two guys. Casas and Rush, shockingly enough, being the two that brought the goods. Natural comparison would be to the Panther/Casas trios matches where it was those two hating each other to death while everybody else could've provided white noise and it still would've been worth watching for Panther/Casas (I basically wrote about a match exactly like that not long ago). This is wholly worth watching for Casas/Rush, and I absolutely cannot wait to see them kick the shit out of each other some more. At one point Rush comes flying into camera shot and dropkicks Casas REALLY hard right in the face, so Casas later gets Rush in the corner and starts jumping on his head. Rush throws one of the nastiest headbutts I've ever seen and I'm not sure how Casas' nose never got spread across his face. I'd never seen Thunder before. He's pretty huge and imposing and makes his pecs dance a whole lot, like Ahmed Johnson under a mask (although significantly less black). He also seemed pretty slow and cumbersome at first, but then he went a did a cool leaping rana and hit a truly awesome somersault plancha so maybe I should just shut my fucking mouth. He does the rote "I'll puff my chest out while you slap it, then you puff your chest out and I'll slap that, and neither of us will budge because we're MEN" bit with Aguila, but instead of slapping Aguila back he fucking potatoes him clean in the jaw with a punch that looked super reckless and crowbar-y. Basically he struck me as the best possible masked Sid Justice. Not sure that's a compliment and/or makes me want to watch more of him, but I at least find myself fascinated. Still this is 98% Casas and Rush and my body is ready for the next instalment.

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