Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Leono & Tigre Blanco v Bobby Zavala & Disturbo (CMLL, 1/1/13)

So the 80s lucha set kind of put me in the mood to get caught up on lucha from this year. I've watched practically no wrestling from 2013, but from what I've read CMLL has had a really good year with a bunch of really good stuff, so I wanted to check out most of the things that have been pimped and/or things that just plain interest me on paper. A couple days ago I started doing that. And I'm gonna try and keep doing it, like little intermissions, as I go through the 80s set.

This happened on the first day of the year so I figured it'd be the best place to start. The only one of the four that I know I've seen before is Tigre Blano, but I don't remember any sort of impression I got from him in the past. He was pretty terrific in this, though. His rapid fast ankle lock thing in the first caida was fucking spectacular. Like, I'm trying to come up with a list of guys that could do that as quickly and as smoothly as he did it in this match, and there aren't many coming to mind. His rolling headscissors over the top rope was really cool, too. The other three guys absolutely held up their end in this as well. Disturbo hits an INSANE backbreaker in the segunda that I expected to leave Leono paralysed, Zavala threw a bunch of quality strikes, and Leono really came across as a guy that was going to use this chance in the spotlight to go balls out. The double springboard moonsault from Leono and Tigre looked completely wild, although unfortunately we never got multi-angle slow-mo replays. Finish is pretty daft, but everything leading up to it was really good. If I come across another Leono or Tigre Blanco match on this excursion I'll make a point of watching it.

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