Thursday, 24 April 2014

At the Airport in Mid-South They Refused to Let Us Board the Plane at All. They Said We Looked Suspicious, but I Believe They Liked to Pick on Me and Paul

Ric Flair v Kerry Von Erich (4/28/85)

I think I've seen this match a few hundred dozen times before. Not this match specifically, but you know. I mean, I think the last Flair match I watched was the first Taylor match from this set (happened on the same day as this, which is pretty cool), which was fourteen months ago, and I thought that held up great...but this is a Flair match-up I've seen so many times before that I'm sort of numb to it at this point. And this didn't feel like one of the better Flair/Kerry matches, anyway. Flair is in full on douchebag mode from the start here and doesn't even attempt to feign sportsmanship. One thing I like about this match-up in general is that, while it's basically the same sort of layout to any other Flair v Long-Haired Muscular Stallion match, they work the Claw into it in some cool ways. They're ways that you can basically see coming a mile off, because if it wasn't the abdominal claw it'd be a bearhug or something, but still. They do the same spot Flair did with Terry earlier in the day where Kerry tries to punch him only for Fergie to grab the arm, and that gives Flair the opening to sneak in a cheapshot (Flair knees to the gut always look nasty). Decent match, but I never really found myself getting drawn in. Flair Formula is just not high on my list of priorities right now unless it's a fresh opponent (Koko, Adams, Roberts), and Kerry has long ceased to be a fresh opponent in the eyes of this old boozehound.

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