Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sgt. Slaughter & Terry Daniels v Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis (WWF, 7/23/84)

It's pretty crazy how differently Murdoch and Adonis work most of their WWF matches to most of their matches from Japan, at least in terms of how much of the match they take. If there were two hours of Murdoch/Adonis matches on the New Japan set there'd probably be an hour and forty five minutes of Murdoch/Adonis working from above (I've watched that whole set and that's a fairly accurate statement). If you watched two hours of Murdoch/Adonis in WWF you'd probably get an hour and forty five minutes of them on the defensive. Although that's basically WWF style heel-in-peril tag wrestling, I guess. There's a lot of that in this. Match feels like a vehicle to get Terry Daniels over (he's the first member of Slaughter's Cobra Corps...apparently) and like 85% of the match involves him. He's neither great nor spectacular. His stuff looks fine and this is 1984 so the crowd is going to be good the majority of the time, anyway. Plus it means we get Murdoch and Adonis bumping and stooging for a while and why would that not be something I'd like? Murdoch was my favourite in this (Slaughter is barely involved at all, unfortunately. He even tags back out like a minute after he makes his hot tag). Fans are chucking stuff in the ring practically the whole match (not tonnes of garbage or anything, but bits here and there all the time), so at one point Murdoch picks a bit of it up and digs it into Daniels' eyes. On offence he busts out this nutty looking armbar-come-Argentine backbreaker thing that looked fucking sick. He also threw a goodly amount of punches and they all looked like Dick Murdoch punches. Adonis never went completely over the top with the bumping here but he did have a couple rope running sequences that were Buddy Rose level good (although he was never as fast as Rose). There's a 6-man after this where Slaughter teams with the Samoans, and I am giddy at the thought of what Murdoch will do opposite Afa. I'll be giddy if my buddy hasn't lost my disc with that Murdoch/Afa match that I love on it.

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