Friday, 18 April 2014

Well I Rode that Mid-South Highway. I Saw Above Me the Endless Skyway

The Fantastics v Sting & Eddie Gilbert (9/7/86)

Christ on a bendy bus, Sting is the greenest wrestler you ever did see here. Either he can barely bump off a hiptoss or didn't understand what Rogers was trying to do, but either way he just sorta fell over and Rogers is all like, "well...that happened, I guess." At one point Sting and Fulton are running the ropes and Sting doesn't seem to know what's actually going on, so he just barrels clean into Fulton. It's like Simple Jack driving a truck on the motorway. He does take one really cool ass splat bump off a dropkick, but I'm thinking it was accidental. Being in there with Tommy Rogers enough probably/definitely helped iron him out a bit over time. Being in there with Tommy Rogers enough will do that to you. Gilbert is in full on pinball mode and it felt like he hit every turnbuckle with his head inside the first fifteen seconds. The transformation in Missy Hyatt over the years is one of the most extreme of any ex (or current, I guess) pro-wrestlers I've ever seen.

The Fantastics v John Tatum & Jack Victory (11/4/86)

This is a really fun sprint. Pretty much exactly what you want in a sub-ten minute Fantastics match. Tatum's facial expressions are amazing as usual, especially after Rogers pulls the middle rope up into his groin. He's such a punchable individual, Tatum. Like a blonde, even more weasly Tully Blanchard. Fulton dropkicks Jack Victory square in the fuckin face and by all rights it should've broke his chin into a million pieces.

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