Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm Rolling Through Mid-South Town, a Lost Cowboy at Sundown. Got My Monkey on a Leash, Got My Ear Tuned to the Ground

Rock 'n' Roll Express v Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams (5/3/85)

I remembered nothing about this, but unsurprisingly it didn't suck. RnRs do the switcheroo bit early and fuck man, how does Karl Fergie not tell the difference between Morton and Gibson? Cool spot where Williams tries to punch Gibson so Morton grabs his arms from behind, and as the ref' goes to stop DiBiase from coming in Gibson pops the helpless Williams (well, "helpless" for a massive brick shithouse nose tackle or whatever he was). DiBiase and Williams take over when Williams distracts the ref' and DiBiase slams Morton's back into the ring post. The back work on Morton after that is all pretty fucking awesome and painful looking. Williams ragdolls him with backbreakers, DiBiase drops the point of his elbow into the lower back, etc. DiBiase's Boston Crab is sub-Rock sharpshooter levels of shitty looking, but Williams pushing DiBiase's head back to create more leverage is always cool. Williams isn't someone I think of as having a great looking bearhug (although who does, I guess? Is Backlund the closest?), but he does it here and it looked like Chyna swinging Marlena. There's a do-si-do spot at the end and DiBiase just chucks Morton over the top rope, and I'm not sure it was intentional or not but it looking crazy either way. Really nice ten minute tag, which is just about my favourite way to spend ten minutes watching wrestling at this point.

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