Sunday, 25 March 2018

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Masaaki Mochizuki v Yuji Yasuraoka (Kitao Pro, 6/14/94)

Pretty much the perfect sprint opener to a Kitao vanity project. Mochizuki was winging kicks from everywhere, standing up, on his back, from a seated position while fighting off submissions, mostly in violent fashion as befitting the rest of his career (I didn't actually realise he'd been around THIS long). Yasuraoka is a guy who'd show up on WAR undercards in juniors showcases. Those juniors showcases probably captured the spirit of WAR the least of all matches on a WAR card, but this was less juniors showcasey and more spike someone on their neck with German suplexes (so more of what truly made WAR WAR). Those Germans looked great, how he really popped his hips and snapped Mochizuki over. Still, the best part of the match might've been when he tired of being kicked and just annihilated Mochizuki with a huge slap. It was one of those moments where he sort of paused to think about it beforehand, like maybe deliberating as to whether it might be unnecessary to uncork something like that, but then he did it anyway and we're all grateful for his decision. Hard to ask for much more from a three minute scrap.

Masanobu Kurisu v Takashi Okamura (Kitao Pro, 6/14/94)

Sloppy, reckless, violent, wonderful little mess. I don't know if Okamura had even offered to shake Kurisu's hand at the start or not but Kurisu just marched up to him and slapped the boy across the face. Okamura can't have been wrestling long at this point. He's green as goose shit but it adds to the chaos as he's just letting loose with wild spin kicks and axe kicks and landing all awkwardly on everything. Kurisu murders him severely. Once or twice it looked like Okamura caught him flush in the face with a high kick, but no, Kurisu wasn't interested and headbutted him repeatedly in the ear. There can't have been many things more hellish to be on the receiving end of than Kurisu's stomps. Fucking hell he was trying to give this kid brain damage. FUTEN stomps to the back of the head, stomps to the ear, the face, the throat, back of the neck. It didn't matter how Okamura tried to cover up, he was getting stood on and it was going to suck. The half crab at the end was about as nasty as you'll see as Kurisu applied it with zero regard for the angle Okamura's knee. Either he's turning onto his front or his ACL will never be the same again.

Yoshiro Ito v Keisuke Yamada (NSPW, 9/24/94)

Cool little seven minutes of shoot style. I've never heard of NSPW before, couldn't tell you who the majority of people on this card were and I can't find anything on them actually running any other shows. Don't even know what NSPW stands for. There was a Jado, Gedo and Kodo Fuyuki six-man on top, but I've got nothing on the opponents and the only guy on the undercard I know I've seen before is Koichiro Kimura, who had a few lengthy fights in RINGS. This was described as a poor man's Vader/Tamura and that feels pretty apt. It's nowhere near as good, obviously, but it had the same sort of dynamic. Ito is a big jacked up guy that I don't think I've seen before even though CageMatch says he has a 25 year career under his belt. He had some cool throws, a few big suplexes and a string of powerbombs mean enough that you could buy a TKO. Yamada threw a couple brutal wheel kicks and hung in there pretty well for a guy getting dropped on his neck eight times. Possibly the best match in the esteemed history of NSPW.

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