Monday, 26 March 2018

The Journey into 2018

It'll be a brief journey, but I'm sure I'll find a few things I like before moving onto something else.

Fuerza Guerrera v Demus 3:16 (Innova Aztec Power, 2/4/18)

I make a point of tracking down at least one Fuerza Guerrera match per year so naturally I was hyped about the prospect of this, and naturally I pretty much loved it. Fuerza is about a hundred and six so this wasn't on the slick side, but it was as seedy and filthy as you'd want. It's taking place in what looks like a dirty aircraft hangar and any time they leave the ring we're literally right on top of the action. Thirty two people are in attendance and just about all of them are following along recording it on their phones, so it looks like a wild brawl between two psychopaths outside a nightclub that everyone wants to put on the Twitter. Some truly gruesome close-ups of face-biting and testicle-clamping. Fuerza was biting Demus on the forehead then covered his nose with the free hand, either to precipitate the blood loss or to I guess suffocate him. At one point Demus was on top of Fuerza biting him through the mask and just grabbed hold of his balls and squeezed. Fuerza applied a camel clutch with his grip across Demus' mouth, so Demus broke the hold by chewing Fuerza's wrist. It had so many nasty little moments like that. They were throwing each other around with reckless abandon too, one guy being squashed by Demus while a retreating child almost got trampled as Fuerza was flung into a row of chairs. For a match like this to end with a Boston crab it really needs to be a mean looking Boston crab, and this sure looked like a Boston crab that would put a guy away. This wasn't your granny's Walls of Jericho.

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