Saturday, 10 September 2011

1994 WWF Project

Yeah, time for another one.

I'm not really sure where the urge to pick this year from this company as a dorktastic project piece came from, but there it is. There's plenty of really good stuff from '94 WWF, though, like Bret's run, some really fun Shawn stuff, some good-very good stuff from the 123 Kid, etc. I just bought a bunch of footage from my crack dealer so hopefully I'll turn up some hidden gems (or whatever your metaphor of choice is) in addition to the things that have already been pimped and talked about in the past.

Same deal as the '92 WCW project (which I still plan on updating from time to time -- there always seems to be more interesting stuff turning up), although I doubt there'll be as many matches worth sticking on a "best of" list, so hopefully it'll be a bit easier to manage over time. I'm also gonna go by air dates rather than the dates on which stuff was taped and just update as I watch (so I'll leave off the no-brainers until I've seen them again).

  1. Bret Hart v Owen Hart (Wrestlemania X, 3/20/94)
  2. Bret Hart v Diesel (King of the Ring, 6/19/94)
  3. The Quebecers v Marty Jannetty & 123 Kid (RAW, 1/10/94)
  4. Owen Hart v 123 Kid (King of the Ring, 6/19/94)
  5. The Headshrinkers v Yokozuna & Crush (King of the Ring, 6/19/94)
  6. The Quebecers v Bret & Owen Hart (Royal Rumble, 1/22/94)
  7. The Quebecers v Razor Ramon & 123 Kid (RAW, 2/21/94)
  8. Marty Jannetty & 123 Kid v The Headshrinkers (Wrestlefest, 1/11/94)
  9. Randy Savage v Yokozuna (RAW, 2/28/94)
  10. Adam Bomb v 123 Kid (Superstars, 5/28/94)
  11. Bam Bam Bigelow v Tatanka (Royal Rumble, 1/22/94)
  12. Adam Bomb & Rick Martel v The Smoking Gunns (Superstars, 1/22/94)
  13. 123 Kid v Jeff Jarrett (King of the Ring, 6/19/94)
  14. Jerry Lawler v Roddy Piper (King of the Ring, 6/19/94)
  15. Marty Jannetty v Johnny Polo (RAW, 1/31/94)
  16. Randy Savage v IRS (RAW, 1/17/94)
  17. Marty Jannetty v IRS (RAW, 2/7/94)

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